Why you need to add this salve to your recovery routine!

Why you need to add this salve to your recovery routine!

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First of all, what is a salve really? Like a balm? sort of. Muscle rub? Yea kinda. Skin moisturizer? Yea that too. Bug repellent?! Actually, yea in this case!  What's so amazing about a salve is its number of use cases depending on the ingredients.  It really is just a bunch of great for you things melted into one even greater for you thing. And salves have been around for thousands of years, used to treat all kinds of issues, from pulling splinters and soothing sore muscles, to treating sunburns and even protecting sheep from insects!  What they're used for is really dependent on what's in them, so lets take a look at what's in ours!

Shea Butter -  Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, absorbs without being oily, antibacterial and anti-fungal

Bees Wax - Blocks out irritants while allowing the skin to breathe, packed with vitamin A, hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory

Olive Oil - Moisturizing, increases collagen, vitamins & antioxidants, fights bacteria

MCT Oil - Healthy fatty acids, moisturizing, antioxidants, good carrier for CBD and CBG

Hemp Seed Oil - Regulates skins oil production, contains GLA for skin growth and regeneration

Juniper Berry Oil - Promotes blood flow, antispasmodic to relieve muscle cramps, removes toxins from bloodstream, stimulating scent

Lemongrass Oil - Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, natural insect repellent, stress killing aromatherapy

Lavender Oil - Anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, calming effect, great for bug bites

Camphor oil - Disinfectant, germicide, numbing anesthetic, antispasmodic to reduce cramping, detoxifier, circulatory stimulant 

Vitamin E - Fights free radicals, promotes collagen production, minimizes UV dammage

And of course the amazing CBD & CBG! But we've blathered on enough.  If you want to learn more about these two, you can read more here & here!

So whether you're suffering from dry skin, sore muscles and achy joints, cramps or just bugged by, well bugs, our Desert Juniper Salve is your all in one go to! Do yourself a favor and see how this salve can help you feel your best!