Which CBD is right for me?

Which CBD is right for me?

CBD and the other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, etc) can come in all different forms. From tinctures and capsules, to soaps and salt soaks. Figuring out the right one for you can be tough, so we put together this handy little guide of some of our favorites to help you make the right choice.  So lets dive in!

CBD & CBG Bath Salt Soaks                                                                            

  • Evening relaxation
  • Soothing skin
  • Rejuvenating tired muscles

CBD & CBG Muscle and Joint Salve                                                                      

  • Post workout/adventure recovery
  • Battling inflammation
  • Hydrate and nourish your skin


Full Spectrum CBD & CBG Oil                                                          

  • Ease stresses
  • Daily mind and body support
  • Mood boost

CBD & CBG Pre-rolls                                                       

  • Almost instant affects
  • Chill your vibe
  • Boost your happy juice

Sleep Tincture                                       

  • Sleep easy
  • Calm a busy mind
  • No grogginess 


Wether you're looking for some much needed relief or just looking for something to boost your mood, there's very likely, the perfect hemp product out there for you.  We hope this quick guide will help you in your future CBD searches!

Happy hemping!