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The secret to better sleep while camping

Better Sleep

Lets face it, while we all love camping, (just assuming you do, since it's awesome) there's one part that doesn't always feel awesome. Sleeping! Or lack of.  Weather its mosquitos, a jokingly slim sleeping pad on less than soft ground, being cold or just being too excited about tomorrows adventure, sleep on a camping trip isn't always a walk in the woods. 

For this writer, age and many camping trips have instilled how important good sleep really is and camping is no exception. Especially if you're say, backpacking the PCT or even Kalalau trail, you need your energy and focus.

Now there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you have a better nights sleep while outdoors. 

First, having the right sleeping pad/bed; There are so many options out there, everybody is so different and every camping situation is so different, so the best advice here is to try it out first, because once your out there, you got what you got!

Second, making sure you are protected from bugs is huge.  Whether that means a mosquito net, bug spray or a zapper, not having that buzzing around your ears all night will make all the difference. 

Third, get tired! This may seem silly but the more activities you get into during the day the more tuckered and ready your body and mind will be for some much needed sleep.

Fourth is all about the warmth.  In general, when choosing a sleeping bag the temperature range they give for the bag is not comfort level but rather what level you can stay alive in! So if it says the bag is rated for 30Deg and you're going to be camping in 30deg, yea you'll survive, but will you be comfortable? Not likely. A good rule of thumb for comfortable sleeping is adding 10-15 deg onto what the bag says, so in this case that bag would be good for 40-45deg.

Fifth is a newer one for this writer but has instantly become a full blown necessity. And that is a sleep tincture like the Snooze button!  This has been a serious game changer, not just for camping but sleeping at home as well. The travel size 540mg is great for taking on backcountry/backpacking trips as its so nice and small but still gives you 5-6 nights worth. With three sizes/strengths to choose from you can find the right one for your situation.  I prefer the 3600mg extra strength when not on the trail, which gives you about 30 nights worth. If you don't need quite that much help with sleep the 1800mg Full strength is perfect for the light sleeper.

Well there you have it! With these tips and the right gear, you'll be snoozing your way through the night and ready for the adventures ahead!

Happy Camping!